Holy Royal Arch Knights Templar Priests

The origins of this Order are not known with any certainty but there is firm evidence that it was worked in the 18th and 19th Centuries in England, Scotland, Ireland and on the Continent. The Order however became moribund in the 19th Century, the last known working being in Lancashire.


At the end of the Century, a prominent Mason, Henry Hotham, revived the Order by creating a sufficient number of Knight Templar Priests in Newcastle upon Tyne and as a consequence the Royal Kent Tabernacle was formed. Initially control of the Order was by the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees in London, but after a short period, the Order became an independent body, and is now administered by the Grand College located in York.


It must be said at the outset however, that this is NOT a Priestly section of the Knights Templar. The only connection is the arbitrary one that Candidates have to be Knights Templar. Development of the Order was very slow at first but in the 1960′s the pace of expansion increased and has continued and there are now well over 200 Tabernacles worldwide.


To be admitted to the Order a Candidate has to be invited and has to fulfil the following conditions:

1. He must have been regularly installed as Master in, and a subscribing member of, a regular Craft Lodge.
2. He must be a subscribing member of a Royal Arch Chapter.
3. He must be a subscribing member of a Preceptory of Knights Templar.


The dress of the Order is a white mantle, worn over a tunic as worn by Knights Templar, and a mitre.


The Order is governed by the Grand College with the Grand High Priest at its head. The Order is divided into Districts, presided over by a Grand Superintendent, with local Tabernacles forming the District, and each Tabernacle ruled by a Very Eminent High Priest. 


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