Mark Master Mason


The Mark Ritual is structured on a verse from Psalm 118. “The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner”. It explores the building of King Solomon’s Temple and the craftsmen involved in the work. The lessons of the Mark Degree are presented in a ceremony that is both lively and enjoyable and requires active participation by at least nine Officers. It is full of action and surprises.


The Order is universally known as the “Friendly Degree” perhaps because the message is conveyed in a relatively light -hearted way without missing the moral significance it contains. During the ceremony of’ Advancement, the candidate is presented with an Apron and Jewel, the design of which is based upon the shape of the keystone of an arch.

An advantage of being a Mark Master Mason is that it opens up the possibility of further extending your interests in Freemasonry, as it is a qualification for attaining membership of at least three other orders


All Freemasons who have been Master Masons for at least four weeks can apply to become a member. 


The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons administers the Mark Degree, with its headquarters at Mark Masons Hall, St James’s Street, London. The Grand Master is H.R.H Prince Michael of Kent. A Pro and Deputy Grand Master and two Assistants support him. 


The Mark Degree is the only other order in Freemasonry that has a Fund of Benevolence. This is organised by Grand Mark Lodge and makes additional grants to petitioners to those that they may be eligible to receive from the Craft. The Fund also makes grants to non-Masonic charities.


Progression to the chair is similar to the Craft but with three additional Offices. A Brother is eligible to be considered for Provincial rank, two years after his year as Master, at the discretion of the Provincial Grand Master. Grand Rank may also be awarded to those who have rendered exemplary service to Mark Masonry.


A most fitting statement is contained in the closing address in the Ceremony of Advancement that urges: – “Do justice, love mercy, practice charity, maintain harmony and endeavour to live in unity and brotherly love”. These few words can best describe the nature of those Brethren who are Mark Master Masons. They share the pleasure of being associated with a Masonic Order that encapsulates a happy and friendly spirit and for which it is well recognised.


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