Precepts, Values and Standards


When an entered Apprentice is admitted into Freemasonry, he is “Charged” to follow and observe certain values and standards – the precepts of the Craft.


These precepts, founded on the teachings of the Old Testament (accepted by both Judaism and the Muslim faiths) are by no means unique to Freemasonry. Because these teachings are widely accepted in society, they are shared by many thousands of non-Masons too, who, in the normal course of their daily lives as good citizens, prefer to abide by them.


In summary they are:


Belief in, and devotion to God


A personal commitment to

  • Follow closely the teachings of the individual’s Faith

  • Good conduct towards friends, neighbours, fellow humans and God’s creatures

  • Keeping fit in mind, body and spirit

  • Law abiding behaviour

  • Peace and good order in society

  • Observe the laws of all States/Countries

  • Allegiance to the Sovereign

  • Prudence

  • Temperance

  • Fortitude

  • Justice

  • Benevolence and Charity

  • Secrecy, fidelity and obedience in Freemasonry

  • Study and self-improvement

  • Truth

  • Honour