Royal Order of Scotland

Authentic documentary proof in the archives of Grand Lodge give rise to the popular asssertion that the Royal Order of Scotland is senior to every other Masonic system, with the exception of the Craft, as a number of Lodges of the Order were in existence in London as early as 1741. The Order has always claimed that the King of Scots was the Hereditary Grand Master and at every meeting of the order, the seat on the right of the presiding Officer is kept vacant and on it is placed a Crown and Robe in recognition of this fact.


The Grand Lodge of Edinburgh controls 81 Provincial Grand Lodges situated in many different parts of the world and the ritual has remained unchanged for over 200 years.


The Royal Order contains two Degrees, namely:


1. The Heredom of Kilwinning
2. Knighthood of the Rosy Cross


The first of these is taken in Provincial Grand Chapter and after a short interval the Provincial Grand Lodge is opened and the second of these Degrees performed.


Membership of this Order is highly prized, admission being by invitation. Qualifications as laid down, demand that the prospective candidates must be Master Masons of at least five years standing. However, it is extremely unlikely that a Brother would receive an invitation to join, unless he had passed the Chair of his Craft Lodge.


Grand Lodge meets four times a year in Edinburgh and is presided over by the Executive Head of the Order, the Deputy Grand Master and Governor. 


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