The Order of The Secret Monitor

This Order is founded on the wonderful story told in I Samuel Chapter 18 onwards of the enduring friendship between David and Jonathan. The unselfish devotion of these two friends is the basis of the Secret Monitor ritual and precepts.


Friendship for one’s Brother is the paramount basis of its teachings, even as Brotherly Love is the first tenet of the Craft.

An Order of David and Jonathan was established in the mid 1600′s by Dutch settlers of Jewish descent who had emigrated to the new world. Dr. Issachar Zacharie developed the Order of the Secret Monitor in England on his return to this country from the United States in 1887, and he became the first Grand Supreme Ruler.


The Grand Conclave, headed by the Grand Supreme Ruler, and his Officers, governs the Order. The Grand Supreme Ruler may designate any area a Province or District; establish for it a Province or District and appoint, by patent, a Provincial or District Supreme Ruler. Within each Province or District there are Private Conclaves, each presided over by a Supreme Ruler.


Under the Constitutions of the Order the Supreme Ruler of a Conclave appoints the Officers, including four Visiting Deacons, who have a special duty to search out, and call upon any Brother who may be in danger or distress, or who may be ill, or in need of fraternal monition, sympathy, consolation or assistance. It cannot be too strongly emphasised that the most important aspect of the Order is to maintain constant contact with each other and afford whatever help or advice is required.


There are three Degrees within the Order:


First Degree Induction as a member of the Order

Second Degree Admission as a Prince of the Order

Third Degree Installation as a Supreme Ruler within the Order


A candidate must be a Master Mason, and after induction, a period of up to four weeks must elapse before a Brother can be admitted as a Prince of the Order. He must be a Prince of the Order before he can be installed as a Supreme Ruler of a Conclave.


The regalia of the degrees is very simple. It consists of a breast jewel and tie. 


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