Why become a Freemason?



When you become a Freemason you:


1. Join an international organisation of some 6 million men worldwide, where members will greet and welcome you, and your family, wherever you go.


2. Embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge with the help of a like-minded fraternity of men who:


  • Love and enjoy life and respect all God’s creatures.

  • Share and value a strong sense of moral personal conduct and social responsibility.

  • Uphold and defend law and order

  • Understand and uphold the advantages of following a Faith

  • Celebrate the guidance and codes of the ancient teachings of the main Faiths

  • Will treat you as an equal, making no distinctions on grounds of race, colour or creed

  • Respond to the needs of others with compassion and benevolence

  • Support each other in times of crisis or distress


3. Will be guided and encouraged to find the way and the means to develop yourself from within, into a stronger, more complete person.


4. Can discover the ways and traditions of ancient lodges of stonemasons and their relevance to today’s world.


5. Can attend Masonic meetings and participate in fascinating ceremonies and which are normally followed by a dinner or banquet.


6. Can enjoy the challenge, joy and satisfaction of progressing from your apprenticeship to becoming a Master Mason and then to become the Master of your own Lodge.


7. Can gain personal confidence by your involvement in Lodge ceremonies and proceedings.


8. Can experience the satisfaction of learning about responsibilities and leadership in the Lodge.


9. Can visit other Lodges in the UK and enjoy the fellowship of new acquaintances.


10. Can establish life-long friendships with people who share the same values and spirit of good citizenship.


11. Will be welcomed to join in social activities with your family, wife or partner.